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December 12, 2013
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REDUX: Professor Kei Ellem by Cei-Ellem REDUX: Professor Kei Ellem by Cei-Ellem
My first character in the Cruenti reboot, and where my screen name comes from. This time around, I spelled it with a K so it was more obvious how her name is pronounced (I hate to explain the joke, but if you haven't figured it out yet, it's pronounced K-L-M). She's still a vampire, as before, but a lot more complex, character-wise. And not creepy weirdo psychic like she was before. Just... severely traumatized.

Yeah, I'm going to need to upload this story now, as we work on it.

Getting her skin to look right was a real nightmare, but I eventually stumbled upon a technique that worked, and it doesn't involve me constantly editing textures in Photoshop.

Set up in DAZ|Studio and rendered in LuxRender. Zero postwork.

The original version:
Cei Ellem by Cei-Ellem
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