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April 22, 2012
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Part 34
I'd better not chance taking Micah with me, since he's already mentioned he's scared of him.

"I'll talk to him alone then," Nathan decided, heading towards the door. He waited for Micah's silent nod before he stepped out, walking down the hall to the door to the other room. He let himself in, then quietly leaned against the closed door for a moment before addressing the teen. "Hey."

Wren looked up slowly, frowning as he took in the new person in the room before he lowered his head again. "Hey."

Nathan moved to the table and sat across from him, folding his hands in front of him so he could see that he had nothing with him: no notepads, no recording devices. "Will you talk to me? What happened?"

The teen drawled something in Chinese and then looked up again, staring at Nathan incredulously. "I know they're watching on the other side of that mirror. I'm not stupid."

"I never thought you were." Nathan frowned. This was going to be tricky, but he knew Wren was already somewhat aware of the inhuman nature of the matter, so he figured he'd take things slow and bring him up to speed. "Micah's the only one back there though. He wants to help you."

"Bullshit." Wren leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, nodding up towards the mirror. "I remember him. He's the man in white that wanted to kill Avery not so long ago. I remember that insanity, so don't go babying me about this Seven Sins crap. I know it's going on. I'm all for believing it. Hell, I saw what it did to Avery. I just don't want to get sucked in like my friend. He almost got killed."

"That wasn't his fault," the writer said, surprised by how much the kid already knew. He knew he'd seen quite a bit, but then... it didn't really matter. Avery probably filled him in on the things he'd missed leading up to the confrontation in the sewers. What was more important was what was happening now. "And he survived. I made sure of that. You made sure of that."

Wren still frowned, but seemed less angry as he slouched down in his seat. "Yeah, but what about the rest of them? Avery's one thing, but what if... you think this is another Sin thing, don't you? The murders?" After Nathan nodded, the teen sighed. "So Micah will be trying to kill them too?"

He started to nod again, but was struck by his tone. Lowering his voice, he asked quietly, "You know who it is, don't you?"

Wren's eyes squinted and he looked away, but Nathan still saw a few tears slip down his cheeks. "Yeah. I know who it is."

Nathan waited. He hoped Wren would continue on his own, but even he was getting anxious, knowing Micah was probably right next to the glass, staring in, listening very keenly to what the teen was saying. When the kid remained silent, he did the only thing he could think of to make him comfortable: he reached into his pocket and pulled out his notepad. Carefully, Nathan slid it across the table to him. "Can you write it?"

Wren turned, eying the notepad suspiciously, glancing up towards the mirror again. "I don't think that will help."

Nathan sighed, but left the notepad there. "I swear to God, Wren, I want to help you. But there's nothing I can do -- nothing any of us can do -- if you don't help us too. We can't stop the Sins if we can't find them." He pressed his lips together, thinking. "Are you afraid Micah will kill this person if you give us a name?"

The teen nodded. "Or worse. Avery's going to have those scars for a lifetime." He began rolling the pencil between his fingers again. "And how will it help if I tell you who the person is but not the Sin? You know it's the Sin doing this, but do you know which one? How's knowing the person the Sin likes to stick to going to help any but getting that person killed?"

"Wait, I'm confused." Nathan rubbed his temples, trying to wrap his mind around this news. "What do you mean? Likes to stick to?" His brows knotted, hoping the conclusion he'd just jumped to was wrong. "I thought the Sins were possessing people. Like how Avery went all... half-frog for a while."

Wren rolled his eyes and threw his hands up in the air. "Oh, I don't know if that's going to happen later, but right now it's more like, I don't know, temporary housing or something." He leaned forward, balancing the pencil on its tip and holding it in place with one finger. "Sin pops out for a moment to cause havoc, then snap! Back into the host she goes, no one the wiser." He demonstrated by flicking the pencil, sending it flying across the table before it rolled onto the floor. Wren took a deep breath before leaning back into his chair. "At least until now."

"So... Sin and host can be in two different places at the same time?" He wanted to bang his head on the table, wishing that hadn't been what he'd suspected. "So even if we know who the host is, there's no guarantee that will lead us to the Sin. Fuck."

"My thoughts exactly."

Nathan ran his hand across his face. This information certainly complicated matters. It meant that if there was a Sin attached to Gloria and it was the one committing the crimes, setting up that date and trying to catch her lying was completely pointless; she wouldn't have been aware of the Sin's actions, and all it did was serve to give her a solid alibi. "When did this all happen anyway? Micah didn't tell me anything except there was another body."

"I don't know, about three, maybe four o'clock this morning?" The teen shrugged. "I was sneaking out of the house to go for a walk and a smoke (had it out with my mom; long story) when I kind of stumbled upon it happening." Wren began to shiver. "Christ, she ripped her arm right off..."

At first, Nathan wanted to say something, anything to comfort him -- witnessing not just a murder, but such a brutal one, had to have been terrifying -- but he held back. When Micah had praised him on his eye for detail, he thought he was just coming up with an excuse to let him stay and help, and he thought he was referring to being able to read people well. He figured that he likely had a similar issue with lies as Gabriel did, being unable to tell them. But it had never occurred to him that he might have meant to say he had a good ear for detail, especially now that he realized a few of the things Wren had said probably meant more than what the teen wanted to let on.

A few things worry me. First, he referred to the Sin committing the murders as "them," before he switched to "she." Is there more than one involved in this? And now he's mentioned seeing only the Sin and her victim, but not the host. Even if there was only one Sin, wouldn't the host still have to have been there in order for him to know what happens when the Sin returns to her? God, I hope my wild guesses aren't right again, but I need to get this clarified. No matter how you look at it, this doesn't bode well.

What should I ask Wren?

So yeah, contest still open, but severely lacking in entries. I'm going to have to shave the prizes down significantly if there isn't a sudden influx of entries before the end date. And that makes me sad.

Anyway, this chapter...

Didn't get to the photographer as I'd expected, but that's how it goes. She may not show up for a while yet with the latest turn, but again, that's the nature of writing by the seat of your pants: things seldom go as planned.

As for Wren, he certainly has a lot of information on the murders, if only Nathan can find the right question to ask...

THE CHOICE HAS BEEN MADE: Read Part 35 to see his decision!


ON TO PART 35 >>>

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Oh my... poor Wren... but he is certainly confusing. I can't wait for next week!
Cei-Ellem Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Me neither. I have an idea in mind that could work for almost any result at the poll.
oooh, I can't wait even more.
Cei-Ellem Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm... all I can say is that Xiao-Ping is not far off from Xiao-Xiong...
... shout out to something I don't know?
Cei-Ellem Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Remember, he's Chinese...
And I barely know how pronounce anything within... the realm of the orient. So I don't know if the characters are similar or what...
Cei-Ellem Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'd give you the characters, but then looking up the definition would be too easy...
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