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I'm thinking of rendering some of my spellcasting characters, but I'm not sure which one to start with. Which would you like to see first? 

3 deviants said Technomancer (electricity/technology)
3 deviants said Pictomancer (paint/illusion)
2 deviants said Cryomancer (cold)
1 deviant said Biomancer (life)
1 deviant said Hydromancer (water)
No deviants said Pyromancer (fire)
Time to dig up the old OC Summary again! I wish I could remember where I first found this. Anyway, as my boyfriend has been bitten by the DM bug, I'm actually getting a chance to play! I'm super excited (obviously), so to get my ideas together, I thought I would do this again for my character. This may change once I actually get the character into play, but for now, it's good practice. Character's thoughts in italics, as per usual.

Here we go!

  1. What's your character's name?
    His given name is Maslyn Rilynar, a drow name which roughly means "beautiful killer from the House of Poison." One of the better randomly generated names I've given my characters. He goes by the name Switch, however.

    Switch: First, I am not a drow. Second, Maslyn is long dead. Do not call me that.
  2. How old is he/she?

    Switch: There isn't much I can add to that. I'm 27.
  3. Is your OC a boy or girl?
    Um... both and neither at the same time?

    Switch: I do not have a gender, at least not by your usual definitions. I use masculine pronouns, however, since Maslyn was deemed male. And it's just easier for most to assume that's what I am.
  4. What's his/her race?

    Switch: Hence the gender confusion. I was born to a drow, and so thought I was one for the longest time. Well, at least until I figured out that I could shapeshift...


  1. If this character were to suddenly become part of the 3D world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get?
    Depends on what sort of shift he was in at the time and how long it would take him to shift into a new one that better fit his new environment. As long as he isn't seen immediately, he would probably be overlooked.

    Switch: I excel at being inconspicuous, though my attire might raise a few eyebrows until I can find more appropriate clothes to change into. They don't shift with me.
  2. Is your character considered normal in his/her own world?
    Normal insomuch as a changeling can be.

    Switch: Less normal would be the culture I grew up in, but I'm hardly unique in that regard. I'm sure I'm not the only changeling to have ever been raised by the drow.

  3. What would be his/her most recognizable feature(s)?
    His distinct lack of noteworthy features, at least in his true form. Think, violet-tinted department store mannequin, and you've got a good idea of what he generally looks like. This may change once I've actually rendered him.

    Switch: I know my appearance is off-putting to many, so I tend to shift into a male humanoid (typically human or half-elf) when I have to interact with others, as these races are usually viewed favorably. I still only really change my skin color, and adjust to look more masculine and less androgynous.

  4. Would you consider your OC as attractive?
    That really depends on what shift he's in. In his true form, I'd call him visually appealing. In a creepy sort of way.

    Switch: Attractiveness is objective. If I study someone long enough, I know I can take on a shift that she may like.


  1. Temper:
    He has a great deal of patience, and even when he does become angry, he rarely expresses it openly. He will plot his revenge, however.

    Switch: I prefer subtlety, and I'm not above poisoning someone's food or drink if I've been slighted. Or I'll spit in it. That said, I do remember when I have been wronged and will return the debt in kind, should it come to that.

  2. Does your character ever get depressed?
    No more so than any average adventurer.

    Switch: I have scarce little to be upset about. I didn't exactly have a "loving" relationship with my family, though I have mourned the loss of a few of my colleagues.

  3. Leader or Follower?
    Decidedly neither.

    Switch: I don't mind taking charge of a situation, or following someone else's lead, but they are not roles I easily fall into, one way or the other.

  4. What is the main aspect of his/her personality?
    Subtlety. While he's still expressive, he still guards his true feelings closely, making his emotions come off as muted compared to how he really feels.

    Switch: I learned at an early age that keeping my thoughts and feelings hidden was key to survival. Even above ground, I still find that's true.


  1. Does your OC have a family of any sort? If so, are they still alive?
    He does, and they are (as far as he knows). His fellow guild members are more family to him than his biological relatives.

    Switch: I can say with complete certainty that my biological relatives would want me killed, or worse, if they knew anything about what I am and what I have become. A non-drow trained in the ways of the drow, particularly in the art of stealing (or silencing) secrets? Blasphemous. I trust my allies in the guild more, even if there will always be that paranoia that one day, one of them will betray me as easily as any drow.

  2. Is your character out on his/her own? If so, why?
    He is, out of the need to survive.

    Switch: I was taught from birth that I, as a male drow, would always be inferior to the women of my society. Learning what I truly am, and knowing that makes me even less in their eyes, fleeing to the surface was my only option.

  3. Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events?
    Most of his life while living as a drow, so from birth to about age nineteen.

    Switch: I have heard a theory that the drow are not unlike abused children, perpetuating a cycle of viciousness and cruelty with each generation because that is all they know. As someone who grew up in this society, I can vouch for its validity. It took me several years to break some of my worst traits, but you know what they say about old habits...

  4. What was probably the best time in his/her life so far?
    When he saw the sunrise for the first time.

    Switch: I spent the first nineteen years of my life underground, where the only light came from glowing fungi, fire, and spells. I used to think I was going blind because I couldn't see as well in the darkness as the other children; turns out it was simply because I wasn't a drow. When I came to the surface, I was fortunate enough to arrive at night, but even that was brighter than any light I'd known. And then that sunrise... I actually cried. Laughed and cried and fully expressed myself for the first time in my whole existence. I never knew that there were so many colors...


  1. Single?

    Switch: My job does not lend itself well to such attachments. I'm not against them, by any means. I just haven't gone out of my way to pursue a romantic partner.

  2. Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?

    Switch: As mentioned above, it's not high on my list of priorities.

  3. Virgin?

    Switch: Because of work and pleasure. And before you ask, yes, I have switched genders midway through (at my partner's request). It... did not go as well as I think she would have liked.

  4. Does your character like flirting?
    He enjoys the game of it, yes.

    Switch: If it gets me what I'm after, then it is worth the challenge. I don't flirt for the sake of flirting; there is always a goal in mind, and more often than not,
    it is not sex.


  1. What animal would you associate your OC with?
    I hate to say it, but a spider.

    Switch: *Twitches* I am not a drow...

  2. What/Does your OC's name mean anything?
    As mentioned at the beginning, his given name means "beautiful killer from the House of Poison." Switch is a more blunt reference to his changeling abilities: how he can "switch" his appearance at will.

    Switch: And is a much more fitting name, in my opinion. Despite my profession.

  3. Musical Instrument?
    Clarinet. Think of Peter and the Wolf.

    Switch: Wait, so now I'm a cat? Why couldn't I be a cat before?

  4. Element?

    Switch: I'm going to assume this is for its mutability.

  5. Planet?

    Switch: For... the trickster god?

Showing the Love:

  1. Do you draw your character?
    Not yet, but I will, as I do most of my RP characters.

    Switch: I'm not sure how I feel about this.

  2. Do you write about him/her?
    Probably only for character forms and bios that will be needed for the game itself, as I won't have time.

    Switch: That is perfectly fine by me.

  3. Do you use him/her in any rpgs?
    He's being made for a D&D game, so yes.

    Switch: Obviously.

  4. What other ways have you appreciated your OC?
    Working long and hard on his backstory.

    Switch: So I have actual depth.


  1. Is your character wanted for anything?
    Eheheheheh... well...

    Switch: Murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to murder, and identity theft, to name a few. Not that they actually know who I am (as most of these crimes are tied to one-off personas I used specifically for the task). Have you guessed my profession yet?

  2. What are three weaknesses in him/her?
    General paranoia, a sense of superiority, and a tendency to seek petty revenge.

    Switch: Key personality traits in the society I grew up in are pride, anger, and fear, and I hate to admit that they all have stuck with me in one way or another.

  3. Strengths?
    Observant, patient, and calculating.

    Switch: Funny how my strengths play off of my weaknesses, isn't it? Granted, they have other uses too.

  4. Does your OC drink or smoke (ect.)?

    Switch: Alcohol clouds the senses (not good when you need to always be on your guard), and I only smoke when I'm on fire (a situation I would prefer to avoid).

  5. What's one quirk about him/her?
    He has a keen fondness for exotic teas and spices.

    Switch: I attribute this to my training with poisons herbal concoctions.

  6. Does your character have any phobias?
    That he will be recognized by a drow from his hometown and forced to return to the Underdark.

    Switch: I will not go back, for any reason.

  7. What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage?
    I... honestly don't know. We'll have to see what happens in game.

    Switch: Just wait...

  8. Does your OC like chickens?

    Switch: What?

PlayList! Three songs that remind you of your OC (despite whether he/she would listen to the music or not)
I will do this later...

  1. Switch:

  2. Switch:

  3. Switch:

The Final Question:

What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
Right now, kind of neutral. He hasn't been fully developed yet, so we'll see how things change once game actually starts.

Switch: I look forward to the challenges ahead.


Kate Logan
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Nothing much to say here, except that I'm an aspiring novelist with one book in the editing phase and the next about to begin. Working two jobs to get by and squeezing in writing and art in between.


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